((sorry for the lack of updates, heres a nep doodle!! ;o;))

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Did Homestuck general get itself thrown out of /co/?

What happened?



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Sorry for the bugs in this latest version. I’ll fix them when I’m feeling a little less down.


:33 < *its been raining fur days, ac is happy to finally go outside and stretch her paws*

it really has been raining a lot here, today is the first day there was a bit of sunshine so i took the opportunity to take a few photos :3c

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theoceanintheskies said: Could you plz make a version for mac?

Yes, once the Windows notifier goes gold!

Anonymous said: Could you make it possible to disable the "Nope, no update yet" popup, but leave the update popup alone? I want it to get my attention when there's an update (so I don't want to just use DND mode), but I don't care that there's no update every 5 min.

Why did it take so long for anyone to tell me this? I thought I just added the routine to the button check, not EVERY check, whoops.

here is your nepeta macro commission :D i hope you like it&#160;!! uvu 

I think it&#8217;s pawsatively purrfect! Wouldn&#8217;t you guys agree?!

here is your nepeta macro commission :D i hope you like it !! uvuĀ 

I think it’s pawsatively purrfect! Wouldn’t you guys agree?!

Errors on Startup

For anyone getting crashes on startup, try running this Microsoft tool and see if that helps any!