Notifier Milestone

  • Fix bug to allow transparent png and gif files to be used natively. -DONE

This has been bugging me before I ever released the first version of the notifier to the public. This is a huge milestone for me!

To-Do List

You can now keep track of my progress on the new notifier by watching my To-Do-List! This is where I will be adding new features and listing bugs and crossing them out as I implement them. I have also enabled comments for anonymous users so you can request features right from the document itself!


Oh wait…


Never mind…


I’d like to welcome my new influx of followers! I wonder where you all came from… Huh… Well, I hope to have some exciting news for my followers in the upcoming weeks!

Things that scare me at night


getting a MSPAnotify update alarm.

Seriously, that’s going to be heart attack inducing.
Still, I look foward to it every day :3

I’m still, ever so slowly, killing you all…


How do I change MSPANotify’s message from “Nope, no update yet” to “It’s hi8tus you shit”

I can make that happen… reblog and like if you want this to happen.

I’m slowly killing you all….

I’m slowly killing you all….

Oh yeah… remember that time I said I met Hussie at SDCC? Well, yeah, I wasn’t lying. I was just lazy (oh, really? me? lazy? naw…) and forgot to upload this.

Oh yeah… remember that time I said I met Hussie at SDCC? Well, yeah, I wasn’t lying. I was just lazy (oh, really? me? lazy? naw…) and forgot to upload this.


Okay so i’m trying to download mspa notifier and it won’t let me??? I download it, unzip the folder, and when I try to download it shows this:

“Unable to find a version of the runtime to run this application”

more like fuck you

But anyways can someone help???

I can help! You have downloaded a special version of the MSPA Notifier which is no longer in development. You can download the most current version of the MSPA Notifier by clicking here!

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Let’s play good news/bad news.


I had a small chat with Hussie at SDCC and I brought up the issue of how the Notifier may pound his servers. He says the notifier really doesn’t hurt anything anymore, even as updates occur, so I was very happy to hear that. He also mentioned how many people enjoy using the notifier, which was really nice to hear, and he didn’t mention anything about using his content in his program. I won’t take that as continued permission to use his work in my program, but it’s nice he didn’t tell me to stop using the icon and such.


It seems like enough people have a hard enough time getting the regular MSPANotify.exe running (this still boggles me to be honest, sorry guys), and due to the fact I am getting many complains of being unable to run/work the Mac/Linux version of the notifier on Mac/Linux machines, effective immediately, I am dropping all development on the Mac and Linux versions of the program. I am not a mac or linux programmer, but if you are, I will be more than happy to share with you what I have learned in GTK+ to help you emulate how the MSPANotifier works.


Because of what I’ve learned in the last year on and off making the new notifier, a new notifier WILL BE MADE for Windows. It will be coded in C# and will not require Windows Media Player as a dependency.


All of this needs to be written again from scratch, and there is no planned release date.


I’m 95% certain I know the cause of the transparency issues people have been having.


It’s probably your graphics card.

And that’s it for Good News/Bad News tonight. Hope I don’t hurt too many of you out there who were hoping for the Mac/Linux versions. There’s no simple solution for you folks, and that’s what I wanted to create. I had hoped for too much.